Canek Peláez


I specialize in the teaching of programming for the Computer Sciences program in the Faculty of Sciences, and I usually teach Computer Sciences Introduction and Data Structures. Lately, I have been sporadically teaching Modeling and Programming.

I have also taught Analysys of Algorithms and Computer Architecture and Organization.

This semester (2019-1) I will teach:

I am also involved with the Institutional Tutoring Program in the Faculty of Sciences, and I collaborate with the Propedeutic Courses for first year students of the Computer Science program.



I primarily work and do research in the following areas:

  • Software Engineering,
  • Algorithms,
  • Teaching Programming,
  • Combinatorial Optimization,
  • Combinatorics, and
  • Computational Geometry.

However, if it is possible to implement a computer program that solves or helps to solve a problem, I probably will be interested. Specially if the problem is NP-Complete or NP-Hard, and it has real world applications.

If you have such a problem, and need a highly qualified programmer that understands discrete mathematics, do not hesitate to contact me.

I have profiles in the following academic research social networks:


The following are some of the conferences where I have presented works, or I have been coauthor of the work presented:


Before starting my tenure-track, and although I have never really stopped teaching since 1998, most of my jobs were as professional programmer.


Most of the international traveling I have done in my life has been related to Academia. I usually take lots of photographs, and sometimes I upload them to my online album.

Here are links to albums from some of those trips: